What On Earth Will It Take To “Thrive?”

Have you ever wondered why all of humanity isn’t thriving? Although humans CAN thrive, our world is full of poverty, pain, war, hunger, social injustices, and political corruption. Have you ever wondered what on earth it would take for all of humanity to thrive?


When we zero in on the agricultural system in America we see a system that isn’t thriving, but rather a system that insists on committing crimes against humanity and our environment. This is a system that forces suffering onto animals, humans, and the earth, while trying to create the false illusion that this system not only works, but also thrives.

And it might seem like the illusion is working…did you know that most Americans are unaware they’ve been consuming genetically modified foods since 1996?

Or that these multi-billion dollar corporations have managed to gain control and own the seed supply of the world via patents on their genetically altered technologies? 

Or how about the fact that thousands of people die each year from consuming foods contaminated with E. coli and other diseases due to factory farming and monoculture crops?

Genetic pollution is wiping out entire species of plants and putting organic farming on the verge of extinction.

Chemical herbicides and pesticides are being linked to autism, organ failure, sterility, digestive diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. Animals are being forced to consume GMO feed and receive treatments of growth hormones and anti-biotics, while crammed inside a confined feeding facility.

Consumers are being denied their basic right to choose what kind of foods we want to consume. And farmers worldwide are just trying to get by without a lawsuit for patent infringement or the need to mortgage their livelihoods in order to afford expensive GMO seed.

It doesn’t take much for one to become concerned about the state of our agricultural system and the fact is, we can never thrive on this system. We are on the road to self destruction. Mother earth is not equipped for the invasion of man made technologies onto her creations and humanity cannot rely on a toxic food supply.

….So, what do we do?

We decide it’s time to THRIVE!

The wonderful community of Boise is hosting the screening of Foster Gamble’s documentary “Thrive”.

Foster has spent his lifetime asking why humanity isn’t thriving and through an unexpected route he has found a formula for creating a thriving world. In his documentary, Foster outlines what he feels is the problem in America from food to finance and energy to education, with an unconventional outlook and an out of this world viewpoint. Foster also makes on thing very apparent. In order to thrive, we have to choose to do so!

As we know, communities across the globe are banning together against the corporate owned food and seed suppliers. We aren’t going to wait for GMO labeling laws, we are demanding them! We aren’t going to wait for Monsanto to grow organic and bio-diverse foods, we are growing them! We aren’t going to wait to for the FDA or USDA to ban GMO foods, we are boycotting them!

We aren’t going to wait for Big-Ag and Biotech to destroy our food supply and the health of future generations. We have already decided it’s OUR time to THRIVE!

“Thrive” is being screened at the Boise Egyptian Theater THIS Saturday (March 24th) with two showings. One at 2:00 p.m. and one at 7:00 p.m. GMO Free Idaho will be holding an informational booth at the evening screening only (7:00 p.m.), but other local groups and organizations will be holding booths for both screenings. You can order tickets online here.

GMO Free Idaho is very excited to be part of this event. We want to thank Elisa at North End Organic Nursery for thinking of us and inviting us to this event, as well as the Idaho Thrive Community who is hosting this event.

You can join Idaho Thrive on Facebook to learn more about their group and the “Thrive” screening. You can also learn more about Foster Gamble and “Thrive” on his website, thrivemovement.com.

The underlining goal of Foster and his creation of “Thrive” is to bring people and communities together so we can enact change for the betterment of humanity and our planet. That is the goal of GMO Free Idaho and many of the other great organizations in the Treasure Valley. Come show your support and learn how we can all THRIVE!

Disclaimer: GMO Free Idaho is a non-partisan organization. The views in “Thrive” do not necessarily reflect the views of this organization.

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