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We wrote to Congressman Raul Labrador and Congressman Mike Simpson regarding the pro-biotech riders attached to the House Farm Bill. We encourage everyone to write their congressman to let them know we don’t want to weaken already inadequate regulations on GMOs!

You can use this sample letter if you feel the need, just make sure you are writing to the Congressman that is in your congressional district.

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You can contact your Congressman here:

Raul Labrador

Mike Simpson

GMO Free Sample Letter

Representative Raul Labrador,

My name is Jennifer Easley. I am Co-Founder of GMO Free Idaho and a constituent in your Congressional District. It is my understanding that Congress is set to vote on the Farm Bill with some biotech industry friendly riders attached to it, specifically, section 10011, 10013, and 10014. These riders seek to weaken USDA oversight of genetically engineered (GE) crops and fundamentally bypass science-based review and liability.

Congressman Labrador, as you know Idaho has a diverse agriculture industry and some of our farmers and growers depend on non gmo crops or organically grown crops for their customers. Cross contamination of GMO crops into these farmers fields can and has spelled disaster for Idaho farmers.

Powerless to prevent cross contamination, non gmo growers must rely on proper environmental reviews and even then, Idaho farmers have suffered tremendous losses related to GMO contamination of their crops.

The biotech industry continues to grow new biotech crops, without proper environmental impact studies, in sensitive areas where other farmers and consumers are affected. These riders seek to prevent court ordered bans on gmo crops in these cases.

As consumers who wish to avoid eating GMOs, our access to clean, non-gmo foods is being compromised by a continued weakening of regulatory oversight. As organic and non gmo crops continue to be compromised through cross pollination, non gmo foods are more and more likely to be contaminated.

We are asking you to truly represent the people of Idaho and refuse to support any riders or amendments that seek to weaken already inadequate regulation. We also ask you to sponsor, co-sponsor or support legislation which would require mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.

We would appreciate a response from you on these matters.


Jennifer Easley,

Co-Founder, Gmo Free Idaho

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