Sunnyslope Poultry – Wilder, Idaho

Steve Silva started raising chickens for his family and before he knew it, he was raising chickens for the Treasure Valley! Steve uses the sustainable methods of Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and his chickens are 100% organic and pasture raised. The best part? He uses locally mixed non-GMO chicken feed. I repeat, Steve has NON-GMO CHICKEN FEED!

Steve attends farmers markets and sells through Idaho’s Bounty. He also sells to local restaurants and has a CSA. Steve is also raising turkeys this year, so if you want in on a pasture raised non-GMO turkey, I suggest contacting him NOW before he runs out.

The demand for chickens and non-GMO feed is growing and Steve has found himself short of supply at times. Do you know what this tells me? That consumers are shifting their thoughts about food and local producers have to sometimes scramble to fulfill those needs. Folks, this is not a bad thing!!

Jenny and I enjoyed the opportunity to see Steve’s operation and talk about the benefits of raising chickens the way he does and the difference between conventional feed and the non-GMO feed he sales. After seeing the neighbors chickens clucking around Steve’s pasture so they could get a taste of his non-GMO feed, it has been confirmed for me again. This method of raising animals is the WAY TO GO!

Thank you Steve for you time and hospitality. Give your ladies some extra love from GMO Free Idaho!

For more information about Steve’s chickens and feed go to his website, or email

And now…..enjoy our with Steve of the Idaho Farm, Sunny Slope Poultry, Wilder Idaho.


  1. hi…..just getting started with a few city chicks.
    very instered in buying the gmo feed. would that intail
    driving to wilder or….? please e-mail any / all info.
    in any case….great job. eguards, mac

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