As you know we work as volunteers to educate consumers about avoiding GMOs. We search the web and bring you the best downloadable resources. We urge you to join us and become active in helping us to make Idaho GMO free. 

10 Tips for Becoming non-GMO and Supporting the non-GMO Movement

We have come up with a list of steps you can take in your own life beginning today! One of my favorite sayings is ” not all of us can do everything, but all of us can do something. Every step you take helps the bigger movement.

1. Read/watch/listen to all the information on all related books, websites, films, interviews to get up to speed on the topic.

2. Go through your cupboards and pantry. Read the labels and eliminate the gmo foods as you are able to. See the list of hidden GMO ingredients and the list of at risk ingredients.

3. Invite friends, family and acquaintances over for non gmo potluck and movie night and discussion. Use your connections to churches, parent groups, work, school, and social circles to regularly teach others about how they to can be GMO Free in Idaho.

4. Learn to share the info in a way that doesn’t use scare tactics. Rather, share in a way which will encourage dialogue and open mindedness. Remember how you felt when you discovered GMOs, and what it took for you to decide to make a change. This takes time and requires exposure to the information multiple times.

5. Ask for non GMO options at local stores and restaurants so they know there is a demand. Support the local farmers, stores and restaurants who are already making the effort and tell them why you support them. The more individuals who make this a regular habit, the greater our influence will be.

6. Email food manufacturers, or comment on their social media pages, to let them know why you no longer buy their products, or to encourage them to become GMO free. Thank those who are GMO free and tell them why you are buying their products. Again, the more individuals who participate in these practices, the greater our influence.

7. Write a letter to the editor, or email your representatives to share your views about GMOs. They need to know we are out here!

8. Be patient and kind with yourself and everyone in regards to being gmo free. If it takes you time to transition or you slip up and eat some  - let it go without guilt tripping yourself or others. Likewise, be patient with local food suppliers who are trying to meet the demand for non GMO products. It is just as difficult for them to navigate the information and make the transition.

9. If you feel inclined to do more you can volunteer to help GMO Free Idaho. Share your tips and local non gmo sources with us so we can improve our resources list.

10. Enjoy exploring and learning about how to become GMO free. It’s actually fairly easy to do once you are committed and have the necessary information.

How to Make the Switch

I have written a blog sharing how I made the switch to a non gmo household. In it, I break down the changes I personally made. I hope it is helpful to you! Read more here.


Helpful Downloads

Download these apps, articles and brochures to learn everything you need to know about GMOs!

App Store - ShopNoGMO
Shop No-GMO iPhone App

Free iPhone shopping guide to help you avoid Genetically Modified Organisms in the foods you buy at your grocery store. Go to iTunes




Non-GMO Healthy Eating Guide 

This guide will help you determine which products are made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) so you can make healthier non-GMO brand buying choices. Download PDF





Non-GMO Shopping Tips

How to avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Includes a list of foods and additives to avoid. Download PDF.




Health Risks Of GMOs

Learn the risks and start protecting yourself and your family today! The six major GMO crops are soy, corn, canola, cotton, sugar beets, and alfalfa. Download PDF





banner GMO Health Risks
State Of The Science On The Health Risks Of GMO Foods

Scientific evidence showing the health risks of GMO food. And what the FDA not is doing to protect you. Download PDF




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