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80% of Americans don’t know that we have been eating genetically modified foods since 1996.

We are dedicated to teaching consumers everything they need to know about GMOs so they can be empowered to make their own decision regarding consuming these foods. Our food manufacturers won’t label, so we go straight to the consumer!

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Nampa Library Presentation 2/2014

Nampa Library Presentation 2/2014

Topics We Cover:

  • The process of creating genetically modified seed.
  • What crops and ingredients are genetically modified.
  • The Monsanto monopoly of our seed supply.
  • The FDA’s policy of “substantial equivalence.”
  • Concerns over GMO patents and cross contamination.
  • Animal studies and human health concerns.
  • GMO impacts on our environment.
  • GMOs and the rest of the world.
  • The political revolving doors and how politics affects food policy.
  • How you can take action and eliminate GMOs from your pantry and our food supply.

We can tailor our presentation to fit your needs and also offer in home presentations and can provide non-GMO snacks under certain circumstances. Contact us if you want to host a presentation or attend to our next event.

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