GMO Free Product of the Month: April

I was shopping at the new Rosauer’s Supermarket in Meridian, Idaho because I have heard they have a great selection of natural, organic and GMO free foods. The store was busy!

While I was there I met Tom Stevens, owner of Extravagonzo Gourmet Foods here in Boise, Idaho. He was offering samples of his culinary oils. I stopped and tasted each of the varieties he offered, Roasted Garlic, Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange and Red Chile. Let me just say…WOW! I scanned the ingredients labels and found no GMOs!

I bought a bottle of Meyer Lemon and exchanged contact information with Tom to have his oils become our Product of the Month.

On A Budget

Like most people, I am on a budget. I feed a family of six people. I also want to experiment with flavors and different methods of preparation to keep my family interested in the healthy foods I am feeding them. Today, I tossed cubed butternut squash in the Roasted Garlic before I baked it. I served that on top of raw parsnip rice tossed with Meyer Lemon oil.

I have used the Meyer Lemon as a salad dressing. I mixed it with raw apple cider vinegar but Tom says I should try rice vinegar. A GMO free, organic salad dressing can be expensive and contain many different ingredients so this is a great alternative to salad dressing and there are just a few, simple ingredients. A little bit of flavor goes a long way!

I am looking forward to coming up with more uses. If you buy a bottle come and share your thoughts and recipes with us on our facebook page!
Leslie and I met up with Tom on Monday afternoon at A Tavola to talk about his products and how he got started creating these fabulous oils. A Tavola is a new customer of Extravagonzo Gourmet Foods. Tom’s culinary oils begin with a blend of high quality extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil and then they are infused with garlic, lemon, blood orange or red chile’s. The flavors are intense and smooth.

You can watch our interview with Tom here!

I have learned some new things this week. Did you know there are over 700 varieties of olives? Did you know that olive oil producers can legally cut in lower quality oils and still label it “pure olive oil”? Tom says he has a great relationship with his business partners and knows they are providing him pure, quality extra virgin olive oil. In fact, Tom gets the oils from a few different suppliers in different areas so that he can be sure to get the very freshest oils available. He tells us all about it in our video.

Then of course there are the health benefits!

Grapeseed oil is high in Omega 6 fatty acids, is naturally high in vitamin E and is an antioxidant. Olive oil has been shown to an anti inflammatory and can help reduce blood pressure and helps combat obesity.

You can read more about the health benefits on Extravagonzo Gourmet Foods website. There are also recipe ideas, creative uses and customer raves. You can find them on Facebook.

His oils are available locally at:

Boise Co-Op

Bitner Vineyards

Down to Earth Health Foods

Reel Foods

Sawtooth Winery

You can also go to the Extravaganza Gourmet Foods website for more local locations. We appreciate Tom for taking time to share his story with us. We continue to enjoy sharing local businesses and healthy products to share with our GMO Free Idaho community.

Be GMO Free!

Jenny Easley



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