GMO Free Idaho Organization of the Month: March

Treasure Valley Food Collition LogoThe Treasure Valley Food Coalition (TVFC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a vibrant local food economy here in the Treasure Valley. They have a small steering committee working to show the connection between what we eat to important issues like energy, transportation, health, nutrition, agriculture, education, culture, the economy, and jobs. They collaborate with other groups who share these goals.

Each year TVFC chooses a theme intended to help highlight areas of focus. In 2010 the theme was “Our Food and Farms”. TVFC commissioned a study that found that less that 7% of local farm production could be eaten by consumers directly and only 0.3% of farm sales are sold directly to us!

The study also found that consumers are spending 1.7 billion dollars buying food from outside of our state. This is money that could be spent right here in Idaho!

In 2011, “The Year of Idaho Food,” was a yearlong celebration of the foods grown in our state with a focus on current production and consumption rates.

For 2012, the theme is “The Healthy Dozen”. TVFC has identified 12 crops that are being grown or have been grown very successfully here in Idaho. This list is just an example of the wonderful farming and eating opportunities that exist in our state!

Treasure Valley Food Coalition has identified their long term goal, 20% by 2020. The hope is to that by 2020 at least 20% of what we eat will come from local sources whether from local farmers markets, CSAs, direct buying or growing your own gardens. You can learn more about each year’s them and the 20% by 2020 campaign by clicking here.

TVFC hosts and promotes events regularly which are designed to empower individuals to grow or find locally produced foods. Events include “Dinner and a Movie” where, for $25.00, guests will enjoy a delicious meal, watch the selected movie and participate in a discussion.

On March 29th, TVFC will host a viewing of Genetic Chile, an award-winning 2010 documentary on the genetic engineering of New Mexico chilies. The film will be followed by a panel discussion led by Dr. Huber, Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Purdue University.

Dr. Huber is an internationally known expert on the toxicity of genetically engineered foods. He taught plant pathology, soil microbiology, and micro-ecological interactions as they relate to plant disease at Purdue University for 35 years. For more info about this event, click here.

We, at GMO Free Idaho, truly appreciate the important work Treasure Valley Food Coalition is doing. The connection between economy, jobs, environment and locally grown foods cannot be overstated and we are lucky to have an organization dedicated to making that connection!

You can help by supporting local farms, farmers markets and CSAs. We encourage you to participate in TVFC’s events to increase your knowledge and awareness. We have a wonderful community and this is the perfect opportunity to support it.

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