Organization of the Month: April

Raising awareness about the dangers of our food supply can tamper the spirit at times. We are constantly reminded of the not so good things….okay, the horribly dangerous things about our food supply.

Talking about the corporate take over of our seed supply, the impacts of reducing the biodiversity of our environment, and the lack of regulation on products that have never been determined safe can be exhausting!

Ryan Carson

But then we meet people like Ryan Carson, a Boise “locavore” who is working to bring the community together to achieve one common goal. To create food conscious consumers. The Treasure Valley is full of people like Ryan, and they lift the spirit! It’s people like this and the projects they take on that keep us going.

Aware of Food Choices

You see, once you are conscious about the foods you eat you suddenly make a transformation. You become aware of how your food choices are effecting the environment, the economy, our society, and your own health. This new found consciousness only leads to one thing. Sustainable and positive changes!

Ryan takes a big part in our community in working to make these sustainable changes. He created a Facebook group called the Boise “Real Food” Connection, where locals can share sustainable ideas and discuss the changes that are necessary to bring about a better community through food.

We were very pleased to get an interview with Ryan to discuss his projects and how he is making sustainable and positive changes. Thanks Ryan for your time and we look forward to working on projects in the near future!

Join the Boise “Real Food” Connection here!

Watch our interview with Ryan here!

Thanks Ryan, it is people like you that make this all worth the extra effort.

Leslie Stoddard and Jenny Easley






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