One GMO Free Chicken: Three Meals

Before you read this recipe, it might be helpful to read a recent article by the Huffington Post titled, “Guess What Drugs and Illegal Substances are Showing Up In Chicken?” It might make you think twice about consuming factory farmed chicken.

I am here to show you how to work with the alternative. Locally and pasture raised, humanely treated, GMO, hormone, chemical, and yes even prozac free, DELICIOUS CHICKEN!

I am going to admit it. I spent years and years using boneless skinless chicken breasts whenever I prepared chicken. I didn’t know how to do anything else (with chicken) and I didn’t like dark meat or messing with a whole dead chicken!

Meat is one of those things that costs more when you switch to natural, local, humane, sustainable and GMO free food. It was a switch that was worth it to me but it did require a shift in thinking as well as changing my habits and recipes.

About 6 months ago I discovered this method of cooking chicken. I have to say that it is my favorite way to prepare it now because it is so easy and I can make use of every bit of chicken. Again, I am feeding a family of six. I cannot afford to waste!


  1. Jenny – THANKS – this is a great article. I LOVE the chicken I get from a local farmer – NO FAT and so good – even without seasonings. I like to do the same thing – only there are just two of us so the meals from 1 chicken are endless. And since it’s so lean I don’t have to cool the broth to skim off the fat in advance (I use to do this to keep from having a gall-badder attack, but no need with a home grown, free range bird).
    Thanks for sharing! Nicole

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