Tell Michelle and President Obama To Keep His Campaign Promise

With the Presidential race heating up, now is a good time to tell President Obama to keep his campaign promise.

President Obama promised to label GMOs during his Presidential campaign. Instead he appointed Michael Taylor, former Monsanto attorney, as head of the FDA.

See his promise in the video below.

The President has completely ignored his pre-election promise to label GE foods, should he win, “because Americans should know what they’re buying.”

Michelle has has been promoting healthy eating and even planted an organic garden at the White House.

“Everything That’s in a Bottle or Package is Like Poison in a Way That Most People Don’t Even Know” Michelle Obama

Take Action!

Join us and others at Tell Michelle and President Obama to keep his campaign promise to label GMOs!

This is an easy way to speak up and be heard.

Leslie and Jenny


  1. In 2007, Sen. Barack Obama promised to label GMO foods, he promised to label Country of Origin so Americans could know where their food comes from and he has failed to live up to that promise in 2013. Instead, he picked two former lawyers of Monsanto, one in the FDA Michael Taylor and USDA head Tom Vilsack who both defended Monsanto in courtrooms against farmers. Obama is a Monsanto Man. Any hope we will get a “GMO Free Obama” in his second term are doubtful unless we change his mind drastically. He’s not listening to what Americans want, he’s corporate owned and operated.

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