Kay Johnson and the Idaho Dream Chocolate Factory

Just how good can chocolate get for an Idaho? How about locally handcrafted, natural flavor infused chocolates that are organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, and/or Rain Forest Alliance Certified?

Kay Johnson and the Idaho Dream Chocolate Factory

That is what Kay Johnson has brought to the Treasure Valley, as well as across the nation. Kay created Dream Chocolate after being in the food industry for years. He started as a turkey distributor, but as food policy changed and quality began to get comprised, Kay started looking for something more.

Kay doesn’t compromise on the quality of his chocolate. He knows exactly who is growing his cacao and how it is grown. He has trust in his chocolate distributors and that makes it easier for consumers to have trust in him.

Voluntary GMO Labeling

Kay even voluntarily labels his chocolate as GMO free to raise consumer awareness about the presence of GMOs in our food supply and whenever possible he sources local, organic ingredients. We were tickled about how knowledgeable Kay is about GMOs and organic certification, which he takes very seriously.

Kay invited us into his chocolate factory where we saw the process by which his chocolate is made and even sampled several varieties.

We all enjoyed the 85% dark and the lavender infused chocolate bars. We also like the habanera dark chocolate and the nice warm kick that followed.

GMO Free Idaho Chocolate Bar I would also like to mention that Kay makes custom labels for businesses and other groups. In fact, Kay’s designer, Scott, made a custom label for us and we are now selling these delicious, organic, dark Dream Chocolate bars at all of our events.

We are very pleased to have an ally like Kay and Dream Chocolate, who support our cause and understand the importance of eliminating GMOs from our food supply.

We would like to thank Kay and the staff at Dream Chocolate for their hospitality and contribution to our cause!

For more information, where to find Dream Chocolate bars in Idaho, or to order, go to DreamChocolate.com.

GMO Free Idaho Interview of Kay – See his Chocolate Factory

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