Idaho Supports the California “Right to Know” and Prop 37

GMO Free Idaho is pleased to announce that because of local business and consumer support we were able to send a $400 donation to the YES on Prop 37 campaign!

On Tuesday, October 23rd, we screened the documentary “Genetic Roulette” at Northern Lights Cinema and Grill in Nampa, ID. We sold 57 tickets and received additional donations for the 11 prizes, given to us by local businesses, that we raffled off.

We are happy to be able to contribute to California’s “Right to Know” and the proposition that would label GM foods in the state of CA.

This initiative is important to consumers across the nation. 50 countries around the world have either labeled GM ingredients or have banned the growth of GM crops altogether.

If Prop 37 passes, California will lead the way in giving every U.S. consumer the right to know if we are eating GMO.


  1. Warms my heart to read this. I have been working near ten months on Prop 37. It has been discouraging in the last ten weeks to run across allies who are voting no based on deceptive information. I am writing a new petition to address a need to investigate this, and bottom-line Grow A Healthier Pizza…that means grow some of our own food.

    The words to my new petition are here

    I would be honored to have you sign the original petition to in support of us getting 7.5 Million + 2, a projected simple majority needed to win this.

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