Study Shows Birth Defects Caused By Herbicide On Genetically Modified Soy

Soy beans, Argentina’s main crop, may cause birth defects according to researcher Andres Carrasco of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research and director of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory.

  • These are the first studies actually done on embryos where glyphosate was injected at levels lower than used in fumigation.

Carrasco said that the research found that “pure glyphosate in doses lower than those used in fumigation, causes defects … (and) could be interfering in some normal embryonic development mechanism having to do with the way in which cells divide and die.”

“The companies say that drinking a glass of glyphosate is healthier than drinking a glass of milk, but the fact is that they’ve used us as guinea pigs,” he said. Latin American Herald – Caracas Tuesday July 17, 2012

Carrasco gives an example of what occurred in Ituzaingo, a district where 5,000 people live on the outskirts of the central Argentine city of Cordoba, where over the past eight years about 300 cases of cancer associated with fumigation with pesticides have turned up.

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