Idaho Farm Green Goat Dairy: Gooding, Idaho

If you’ve ever attended the Capital City Public Market, Ketchum, or Hailey Farmers Market then you’ve seen Green Goat Dairy selling their one of a kind goat cheese. We got to experience Green Goat Dairy on our Locavore Tour and interviewed owner Jillian Green. I have to tell you, nothing steals my heart like a sweet little goat!!

Idaho Farm: Milking Goats in Gooding Idaho

Goats getting ready for a milking!

We asked Jillian how she got started raising goats and making goat cheese.

“We moved to Idaho and wanted to be self sufficient. A friend of mine was raising goats and I just fell in love with them. I also like to create things from raw materials, so making goat cheese sounded fun.”

Green Goat Dairy has been in business for three years and so far the operation is going great. Jillian did say that it’s a lot of hard work, not just milking the goats, but also in keeping up with regulations.

When I asked her about raw goat milk, she said that the state isn’t “super excited” about raw milk. So to keep things simple, she pasteurizes her milk, although she’s not opposed to having a raw milk operation.

Jillian milks her goats 2 times a day, which is a lot of work! She is able to use Blue Sage Farm’s milking facility, where Blue Sage milks sheep and makes sheep cheese. Her goats are pasture raised and only eat grain (GMO free grain) when they are getting milked. Jillian raises her own alfalfa grass mix to be sure that it is organic. She is concerned about GMO alfalfa contaminating her crop, but luckily no one is growing GMO alfalfa near her crop.

I asked Jillian why people should buy a locally handcrafted goat cheese like her.

“It’s important to know where you’re food comes from. You can ask me at the market, “What’s in your product, where is it coming from?” And it’s as fresh as it can get. We package on Thursday and sell it on Saturday.”

Idaho Farm: Green Goat Dairy LogoJillian also makes goat soap and she occasionally sells her soap at the Farmers Markets.

Goat milk is very moisturizing and matches the skin PH better than conventional soaps. It’s also hyper allergenic which means it works great on baby skin! She adds essential oils for scent and uses coconut oil and olive oil to make a soapy lather. This soap is all natural (really) and GMO free!

You can buy Green Goat Dairy Chèvre at the Boise Co-Op and at the Farmers Markets in Boise, Ketchum, and Hailey!


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