“GMOs May Be Making Us Fat”

One of the problems with linking GMOs to any health issues is the fact that there have been no human safety studies. With no labels on GMOs, consumers don’t know they are eating them and therefore cannot consider them as a link to any health issues. There are some very interesting animal studies that suggest GMOs could have adverse affects on our health.

A recent article titled GMOs May be Making Us Fat takes a look at two recent studies on mice and salmon. This article is very meaningful to me because it also discusses independent studies that show a link between GMOs and allergies and asthma. I learned about GMOs a little over two years ago now. At the time my family was experiencing a lot of sinus and allergy issues.

Three of my kids were suffering from ongoing sinus infections that had become antibiotic resistant and so was I. Two of them ended up having sinus surgery. Even after the surgery I was told all of us would likely be on nasal steroids for the rest of our lives due to allergies. One of my kids, who had asthma for many years, was also using an inhaled steroid and nebulizer to prevent severe attacks.

Alergy Medicines: Going GMO Free

It just so happened that I began eliminating GMOs from my household at the same time our allergy issues were reaching a peak. Over time our dependence on pharmaceuticals began to subside. I didn’t even really notice it at the time.

It was gradual but eventually we all stopped using any meds at all. This even includes my child with asthma! No inhalers, no Pulmicort, no nebulizer. We still occasionally need to use saline sinus rinses (less than once a month) but that is much different than our former dependence on drugs.

Now, disclaimer! I am not suggesting that anyone stop taking medications for allergies or breathing issues! Who knows? Maybe the changes in our health wasn’t due to eliminating GMOs but can be attributed to something else.

We did have some water issues under our house as well. But, our dependence on nasal steroids and asthma medication began before we moved here. Plus, I was always a label reader and consumed few prepackaged foods. The biggest diet change was simply removing GMOs and milk and meat with antibiotics and hormones. I even lost 12 pounds within 2 months!

Here is what I do know. Eliminating GMOs has been difficult to do because of lack of labeling, but it has been nothing but positive from a personal health perspective. Removing milk and meat with antibiotics was also meaningful given our antibiotic resistant sinus infections. These changes made a world of difference to our health and well being!

I dream of GMO labeling so everyone can make a choice for their own bodies and their own family! Until then, read those ingredients closely and compare them to the Hidden GMO Ingredients list.

Jenny Easley

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