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GMO Lawsuits

GMO Crops Get Judges Approval: Sad Day For Idaho

January 11, 2012 is a sad day for Idaho. U.S. District Judge Samuel Conti of San Francisco ruled the USDA had acted within its authority when they approved genetically modified alfalfa. Read more…



Health Risks



GMO Corn Is Linked To Organ Failure

The International Journal of Biological Sciences has released proof that Gentically Modified Corn causes organ failure. Read more…





GMO Crops Cause Animal Miscarriages

There is an organism in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops that has been shown to cause miscarriages in farm animals. Read more…



Local GMO News

Bernie Sanders Goes After Monsanto - YouTube

Senator Bernie Sanders Goes After Monsanto

Video: Sander/Boxer amendment, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders presented to President Obama on June 14th. Read more…





Local Farmer and GMOs In Your Pantry

Learn how genetically modified alfalfa took over Phil Geerston’s fields due to cross-pollination. And how your very own pantry has been affected. Read more…




Boise WeeklyGMO Free Idaho Educates On GMO Labeling Outside Senator Crapo’s Office

GMO Free Idaho draws the attention of Senator Crapo’s Office. We are actively working to for your right to know with GMO Labeling. Read more…




GMO Labeling: Chew On This Radio Talk Show

Our fight goes out on the airwaves. GMO Labeling gets more attention during our radio interview. Read more…




World News

Hungary Makes A Stand and Destroys GMO Corn Fields

Hungary stands firm! They are determined to show other European nations and America that it is possible to be GMO Free. Read more…




gmo-soy | soybean-podsStudy Shows Birth Defects Caused By Herbicide

Soy beans, Argentina’s main crop, may cause birth defects. The first studies actually done on embryos where glyphosate was injected at levels lower than used in fumigation. Read more…





GMO Free Idaho now not to feed a hungry world
How Not to Feed the World

1 billion people go hungry each day. How is this possible when there is plenty of food to go around? Read more