GMO Free Idaho Presents: Wendy Woolard and Cupcake Mixology

When’s the last time you ate a cupcake that wasn’t accompanied by guilt? Or had a cupcake that fit your dietary needs? Or how about this, when is the last time you had a cupcake that didn’t contain GMO ingredients? If you’re like me, the answer to these questions is, well, it’s been a long time!

But not to worry, you can fantasize about these sweet treats once again. Wendy Woolard started Cupcake Mixology right here in Boise and she has a cupcake that fits everyone’s needs! And you know the best part? They are 100% NON-GMO!


That’s me jumping up and down doing a happy dance!

Can’t have dairy? Wendy’s got a handcrafted cupcake for you! Vegan? Not to worry, Wendy can cater to your needs!

Gmo Free Food: Cupcakes

GMO Free Food: Raspberry Cupcates

Gluten intolerant? Wendy can whip one up a special cake for you! Avoiding GMOs and want organic ingredients? Wendy has your back!

GMO Free Food: Strawberry Cupcakes

Wendy does custom orders and can also make alcohol infused cakes (which I imagine are simply delicious!) She uses local ingredients when she can and only uses high quality organic and non-GMO products. For example, she uses grapeseed oil instead of canola or vegetable oil and a non-GMO vegan butter for her vegan cakes.

To place an order go to the Cupcake Mixology Facebook page and send Wendy a message. Her website is in the works, but you better believe we will let you know when it’s up and running.

In the meantime, enjoy this interview that we did with Wendy and see what these yummy cakes are all about!

Thank you Wendy for your time and your efforts in bringing a non-GMO twist to your already fabulous recipes! Keep up the good work!

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