GMO Free Idaho Presents: Ben Thorpe and Cornerstone Bistro

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta, Fig Fettuccine Alfredo with Brandy soaked organic mission figs, Calamari Fritti… Not exactly the kind of menu you would expect to see in Middleton, Idaho! Thankfully, Ben Thorpe of The Cornerstone Bistro decided to take a chance and bring his amazing culinary skills to our little town!

Leslie, Adriana and I visited with Ben to talk about his life leading up to this little restaurant. We talked about how he uses his knowledge, eclectic past and commitment to local, organic and ethically produced foods to create a fantastic restaurant that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Ben knows that when he buys local, he is contributing to our local economy. He knows that when he buys organic, he is contributing to a safer environment and food that is free of toxic chemicals for his customers. He is committed to GMO Free ingredients right down to the oil he uses in the fryer.

Ben is competing with other restaurants that source lower quality, less expensive foods. But, he is unwilling to participate in that way of doing business. This pays dividends because Ben’s customers are committed to supporting this ideology. They recognize it for the gift that it is. They come back because they know they can trust what Ben serves and know that it is going to be delicious every time.

The price you pay at Cornerstone Bistro is worth it because the money stays here in Idaho. It continues to circulate among the local farmers and ranchers that provide the ingredients. Think about it! When you buy dinner from Cornerstone Bistro, you are helping to support Ben’s family, Purple Sage Farms, Ballard Cheese and the other people Ben does business with!

Now that is a local economy!

Don’t be surprised if, by the time you visit his restaurant, the menu has changed. It absolutely will. Cornerstone Bistro’s commitment to locally grown and produced foods means the menu changes regularly to reflect what is available and in season. Rest assured that whatever is on the menu will be delicious and carefully sourced and prepared.

Cornerstone Bistro is open Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. Reservations are recommended! It is worth the drive!

Go to the Cornerstone Bistro webpage for more information and to make a reservation.

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