GMO Free Idaho at the Community Progressive II – Presentation and Discussion

On June 9th, 2012, United Vision of Idaho hosted their second Community Progressive at Julia Davis Park. GMO Free Idaho was among the several non-profits there showcasing their causes and recruiting activists. Local bands played live music all day and we enjoyed food from local vendors. There were also several merchants there selling seeds, plants, and handmade goods.

The weather did not corporate, as it blew wind and poured rain most of the day. Around 1:00 though, the sun peaked through the clouds just in time for us to give our presentation and have a GMO discussion with those interested in helping our cause. And despite the weather we made great contacts and had a GREAT time!

We would like to thank United Vision of Idaho for putting in SO MUCH work to make this event happen and for their help in supporting our cause. We are already looking forward to Community Progressive III!

Check out our GMO presentation and discussion here.


  1. United Vision for Idaho is proud to have GMO Free Idaho involved in the Community Progressive. They are working at a very good cause.

  2. Thank you Chuck! We are so fortunate to have a group like UVI for support…..and to have support from our farmers too!!

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