GMO Crops Cause Animal Miscarriages: Scientist Reports

Just a few days after a US judge approves USDA’s OK of genetically modified alfalfa, Professor Don M. Huber of Purdue University research comes to light. He has found that there is an organism in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops that has been shown to cause miscarriages in farm animals.

Even worse, Huber’s findings show that diseases caused by Roundup Ready are reaching epic proportions!

GMO Crops You Are Familiar With

  • GMO Corn
  • GMO Alfalfa
  • GMO Sugar Beets
  • GMO Soybeans
  • GMO Canola
  • GMO Rice
  • GMO Cotton
  • GMO Tomatoes
  • GMO Sugar Cane

In a farm state, like Idaho this can have devastating consequences. Genetically modified alfalfa, cattle and your milk are all affected.

Epic proportions! It sounds like we have a lot to do to educate the public and gain enough power to stop Monsanto.

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