GMO Corn Is Linked To Organ Failure: Studies Reveal Connections

Proof that Monsanto’s genetically modified corn can cause organ failure has been released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences.

Monsanto was quick to release studies that got approval by the US and other national governments. GMO corn seeds flooded the market. The new in depth studies show that different GMO corn seeds cause failure of different organs; heart, liver, adrenal, kidneys and spleen.

The findings show that the long term effects are still unknown, especially for those who consume a lot of corn. But when you consider how much corn animals consume and how many products are made from corn, the effects can be devastating. We feel that the studies show that the US and European governments were too quick in their approval. Using the world population as guinea pigs is not the way to find out the long term effects of genetically modified corn.

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