GMA Report Shows Organic, NonGMO Farming is Sustainable

Grocery Manufacturers Association defines Sustainability and takes note of changes to consumer preferences.

          Grocery Manufacturers Association knows what you want, but they are working to undermine it by using their money and political influence to prevent mandatory gmo labeling laws.

          GMA continuously monitors market conditions to make recommendations to their member companies in order to prepare them for inevitable changes in consumer preferences. They also use the information they gather to prevent consumer desires for things like mandatory GMO labeling from materializing. The GMA website, has a link to a document called “Sustainability-Balancing”, an assessment of the issue of sustainability and what it means for our food industry. In it, GMA develops their own definition of sustainability to be:

          “The continual improvement of business operations to ensure long term resource availability through environmental, socially sensitive, and transparent performance as it relates to consumers, business partners, and the community.”

          In agriculture, specifically, their report shows sustainability, in practice is: “Programs that support sustainable agriculture, including sustainable farming practices, organic farming, and proper care of livestock”

According to the GMA report, illustrative practices which reflect these values are:

  • Standards  on sustainable agriculture and organic products including non pesticide, and non gmo products,

  • Standards on proper care of animals including humane animal treatment, non use of hormones, antibiotics, etc.

  • Training and funds for organic farmers.

          The report also indicates that 17% of consumers are considered dedicated to sustainable or “green” companies and there are indicators that number will grow to 40% in the coming years. In addition, consumer demand and scrutiny of retailers drives retailers efforts. The question the report moves to answer after revealing what sustainable agriculture is and what it looks like in practice, is: Does it make business sense to respond to this information by making changes to products and production methods?

          It is our job as the consumers, to show them that it does! We need to keep up the pressure, the public scrutiny  and demand for non gmo foods. Let’s show retailers that with or without labeling, consumer demands will be heard and companies who actively work to undermine transparency in our food supply will not earn our business. This GMA report of survey findings show us that this industry knows what needs to be done to make agriculture more sustainable, they just lack the motivation to do it. Give them the motivation; spend your money with companies who have earned it by doing the right thing.

           A list of GMA Members can be found here. These are the companies working against our interest through their membership with GMA.

          GMA’s full report on balancing sustainability can be found here.

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