Business of the Month: January

OCA logoEvery time I pull into the Boise Co-Op the parking lot is jam packed, proof that our community loves and supports what the Co-Op has to offer. From the time I pull in to the time I walk out the door, friendly employees flash me smiles and ask if they can help me with anything. This is one of the reasons I shop at the Co-Op, the service is excellent and their employees are committed to building relationships with consumers.

The Boise Co-Op is the biggest seller of local and organic foods in the Treasure Valley, which is also why I spend my dollars there. I can always find the freshest local produce at reasonable prices and new unique foods to try. If they don’t have what I need, they will get it.

The Co-Op started in 1973 and has been going strong ever since. I have a peace of mind knowing that there is a grocery store in Boise that is committed to bringing in local products and promoting local businesses, in addition to providing non-GMO and organic products. They also do great promotions for members and local product providers, helping us all get the biggest bang for our buck.

The Boise Co-Op has always been very supportive of GMO Free Idaho. We have done several petition drives outside the store and they have donated materials and gift cards for events we have held like our World Food Day Rally last October. They even interviewed us and posted it online to promote our World Food Day Rally. Without their support, our rally would not have been a success. Patty, the events coordinator, has offered her services for any event we hold and she keeps us posted of their events that we can attend.

Whole Foods and some other natural food stores are coming to town soon. It’s great that we will have more options, but the Boise Co-Op will always be my choice for local, organic, and non-GMO foods. And I know that the community in Boise will also continue to support the Co-Op like they have since 1973.

We thank the Co-Op for their support and services. If you haven’t been there yet, your missing out on a great experience and high quality food! You can see more at their website, and like them on Facebook!

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